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Feature Updates - Yay!

Posted by Craig 👋 on September 17 2019

It's been a busy few months since I launched Big Metrics and today I'm happy to announce some big feature improvements to the tool. 

Before we get going, there is a free trial - no credit card needed - so give it a go!! Big Metrics is truly a big data tool, having processed exactly 12,460,572,820 queries in the past few months (that's 12-Billion by the way).

Also, before we get into the deets. A big thank you to everyone who has supported Big Metrics up to this point… you legends.

Right, the good stuff. Here's a top-10 list of changes and I'll go into more detail for each one:

  1. Data Validation

  2. Daily, Weekly and Monthly views

  3. More Metrics and Charts

  4. Better Downloads

  5. Faster… everything

  6. New Reports

  7. Query Grouping/Tracking

  8. URL Grouping/Tracking

  9. Multi-Country Targeting

  10. Improved Keyword Cannibalisation Reports

Data Validation

So, this one is first, simply because it's important. The data within Big Metrics is now validated; for each data downloaded, there are secondary requests made to check the validity of what was downloaded. 

These checks are across different dimensions and then summed to avoid multiple-matching wrong downloads being passed as valid. If these figures don't match exactly, the data doesn't even make the database, it's 'binned' and the process starts again, after a short pause.

This gives you peace of mind when conducting your analysis or reporting. I'll be expanding on this thought process by providing greater detail on when data was last checked/updated in the coming updates.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Views

The main statistics data is available in Daily, Weekly and Monthly durations. 

These are actually all different data points; it would be great to get this from 1 download but the way the data is segmented, it needs to be separate requests. Overhead for me, epicness for you.

More Metrics and Charts

Big Metrics now has the following metrics:

  • Impressions

  • Clicks

  • Avg. CTR

  • Avg. Position

  • Unique Queries

  • Unique Pages

  • First Place Rankings

  • Ranking Distributions Pages 1-5 and then 6+ (all separate charts)

Each of these also has a device breakdown percentage share - hat tip to Jonathan Jones for inspiration.

Here's an example:

These have also been baked into the Change Report :)

Better Downloads

I've wanted from the start to have a strong lean towards analysis and the number 1 analysis tool must be Excel, therefore, getting YOUR data into Excel should be easy.

With that said, I've added full, unrestricted downloading to all datasets, including the Query Reports - meaning you can download 500,000 queries in one batch if you want to (and, of course, if you have that many :P)

Most prefer to analyse Keyword Cannibalisation issues within Excel - including me - so hit download and get to work. Easy.

Faster… everything

Let's be honest, Big Metrics has been built for speed since day 1. However, I've made it faster. 

Downloading is now around 5-times faster than it was before and you can watch it updating the charts in realtime… if you want to… I do...

New Reports

There are a couple of new reports…

Page Stats

This is similar to before but it's been cleaned up and made… better, this includes the new bad-boy downloader for your Excel pleasures.

Pages with No Clicks

Pretty self-explanatory, this report shows you all pages, for the selected month, which have no clicks.

Low-Value Pages 

Again, for the selected month, you can quickly see all 'low value' pages, these are those with only 1 impression.

Pages Below Average CTR

This report shows - you guessed it - pages with a CTR below the average. This is based on the selected month so the CTR average is specific to your site data and the date selected.

These reports are here to speed-up workflows and make analysis quicker. Oh, and the URLs run, typically,  into 100's of thousands so you're not limited to the 1,000 in GSC.

Query Grouping/Tracking

Query Grouping is dope. Let's say you're in the travel game and you want to keep track of queries covering Amsterdam… Create a new Group called Destinations and then add 'Contains Amsterdam', as you would in GSC. 

We'll do an initial update to get you going and then update it daily from there-on-out.

You get all metrics mentioned, across Daily, Weekly and Monthly tracking.

Did I mention all data is available in Table format and downloadable??? Well, that too.

Your criteria are: Contains, Does not Contain, Equals, Does not Equal.

URL Grouping/Tracking

Same as Query groupings but for page URLs ;)

Multi-Country Targeting

You can now add the same profile multiple times to target additional countries. This has been a big request from many customers. 

See, I'm listening.

Improved Keyword Cannibalisation Reports

The cannibalisation data is now unrestricted… I don't filter it like I once did - trying to be clever - it's also now cleaning the data of annoyances, one such annoyance is hashes in URLs; these are now gone.

Don't forget, there is a free, unrestricted trial, so give it a try and let me know what you think.