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We download all your Google Search Console data and give you better insights into your SEO.

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What are we replacing?

The GSC UI is limited to only 1,000 rows of data. To get the most from your data you need to query the API and brush-up your data analysis skills with Excel, Python or R, for example. With Big Metrics it's done for you, and always getting better.

Here's some of what you get...

  • More data (millions of rows)

  • Faster analysis

  • Segmented tracking

  • Granular insights

  • Actionable reports

  • Big data

  • Data viz

  • Data archiving (stats and landing pages)

  • Change testing

"We love Big metrics because it makes Search Console data far more actionable and allows us to spot technical SEO problems far quicker than the standard interface, we'd highly recommend it to business owners, in-house teams and agencies who work on technical SEO improvements to their websites."

Paddy Moogan
"Big Metrics bypasses the limitations of Search Console's reporting and allows for real in-depth site analysis at a glance. Highly recommended."

Barry Adams
Big Metrics has helped me to get better insights from our Google Search Console data!


Who's our ideal customers?

Agencies and In-house SEOs who love Search Console data and want to do more. Faster.

How much does it cost?

We offer simple, fair pricing, which doesn't break the bank.


$25 Monthly
  • 1 website
  • Unlimited Users
Start 3-Day Trial


$150 Monthly
  • 50 Websites
  • Unlimited Users
Start 3-Day Trial
Big Metrics is a great toolset to visualise and better understand Search Console data. Easily find issues that may be hindering your organic visibility.

David Groom
I absolutely love the cannibalisation report available in Big Metrics. It's allowed me to provide actionable advice for clients and has proven to provide results. It's a great tool and something that you should definitely have in your SEO toolbox.

Daniel Brooks
We have just completed a highly successful multi-language website migration, and couldn't have done it as smoothly without Big Metrics. It came in so handy to test new content we were rolling out in the run up to the migration, and allowed us greater insight to the indexation of the new content in our core markets.

Sorcha Mullis

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer? Shoot us an email.

Data is backed-up on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. After adding your site we will go back through the past 16-months and archive all the data for you. Then, archive new data as it becomes available.

Literally all of it. Most other providers stop at the top 1,000 or 5,000 (if you're lucky) keywords and landing pages - we don't. We have sites with over a million keywords. Basically, if you want a complete picture of your organic keyword profile, you should be using Big Metrics.

Through our testing, we consistently get more keyword data than both Moz and ahrefs; in some cases we get more unique keywords than both of them put together! Not only do we get more data, we also generally get it quicker.

Yes! We don't charge for additional users, so add your team as needed. Currently, we offer admin and user privileges.

The majority of our customers see the value with our platform within the first 10 minutes; 3-days is more than enough!

Who's beind Big Metrics?

Big Metrics is built for SEO's by an SEO.

Hi, I'm Craig


Big Metrics started as a passion project for myself as a way to better service my clients. After feedback and encouragement from others I decided to open it to the public and released it as "Ontail" in August 2018. With such a fantastic response, I relaunched as Big Metrics with more data and more refined features in February 2019. The Big Metrics tool has been in development for a number of years and it's something I'm excited to mature and develop. I've worked as an SEO since 2010 (including running and leading teams) and a Python coder since 2013.

Don't take our word for it! Try it out yourself!